Universal Impact Press is a boutique Full-Service Publishing Company that supports Impactful Leaders by increasing their visibility and authority, so that they can have a greater influence on the world.  


We are committed to nurturing and guiding aspiring and established authors through the process of how to write, publish, brand and market their book.


The publishing team at Universal Impact Press consists of experienced professionals who are committed to transforming your dream of becoming an author into reality.


Excellence, integrity and professionalism are our core values and all of the titles that we publish are at the highest level. 


We mainly serve authors who are coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs; their books allow them to build a major platform online and offline. 


At Universal Impact Press, we understand that making an impact is more than just writing a book. 


We focus on building a strong foundation for our clients that includes a multi-faceted approach which includes print, digital, podcasts, tv, and speaking opportunities.


When you work with us, you become family.


We take great pride in getting to know you, your brand, and the mission that you stand for.


Our greatest passion is to give you a platform on which you can share your message with the world.


By leading with integrity, we empower true Industry Leaders to share their stories and make a greater impact on this world.


Your voice can reach the world.


Your story can change someone else's.


You are leaving a legacy for your family.

Our Services

Author Mentorship

We offer personalized, ongoing coaching from an international bestselling author. You’ll cover author platform, branding, and career trajectory.


You’ll gain tools to develop your creative process, overcome writer’s block, and structure your writing schedule. We provide rigorous, genre-specific copyediting, proofreading, and even ghostwriting.


Most importantly, you will never be alone in this process.

Book Publishing

We help you navigate the countless big and small decisions that go into making a book shelf-ready. Our design experts then create your top-tier cover design, layout, and marketing suite. 


We can help you publish your book in print, ebook and audiobook formats. Our experience and connections give you a competitive edge in your market and open new avenues to connect with your audience.


Your book will be distributed through the same channels available to top-tier traditional publishing houses. It will be available to readers across the globe through both online and brick-and-mortar retail.

Impact, Influence & Income

We create a customized marketing strategy to maximize your reach and profitability.


We also help you create new streams of income through speaking, online coaching, seminars, and downloadable products.

From beginning to end, we're here for you..........

Personal mentoring. Concept development.  Writing tools. Ghostwriting. Copy editing. Proofreading. Interior layout. Cover design. Ebooks. Audiobooks. International distribution. Promotion.


Meet Our Founders

When you share your story by writing a book, you don't just become a published author, you are instantly transformed into an Inspirational Leader.

Aisha Lloyd-Minnis


Don't be scared to be yourself.....you are special and cool and amazing just the way you are!

Andreas Minnis

Creative Director, Children's Division


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